Fruit Tree update from Bryter Music

We are pleased to confirm the release of Nick Drake's 'Fruit Tree' boxed set, (delayed slightly, after a series of production problems). The set is released in Europe on November 19th, and in the US on December4th in two editions, vinyl and CD. The set has been manufactured as a limited edition, it will become unavailable again as soon as all initial stocks have sold out, probably after Christmas. The CD set contains a DVD of the film 'A Skin Too Few' and a new book on Nick that has a song-by-song analysis by Joe Boyd, John Wood, Robert Kirby and Robin Frederick. The CDs are housed in mini-vinyl replica sleeves. The Vinyl edition contains the three albums in their original sleeves plus the same booklet and DVD. The DVD is set to play in all regions.

We would like to stress that the CDs are not 're-mastered' in any new way and that there is no new music contained in the set, (despite what you may have read in some early press reports!) The vinyl sounds great but we make no ludicrous claims to it being of 'audiophile' quality. They are perfectly round, black and were mastered from the same master tape source as our CDs were. The vinyl sleeves mimic the original sleeves as much as possible. An earlier edition of this Fruit Tree set did include 'Time Of No Reply' an album of out-takes and home demos. This title was remade as our current 'Made To Love Magic' compilation and it was felt unfair to include it again in this new boxed set edition as it still sells strongly in its own right. We have tried to price the boxed set as keenly as possible, to include a fourth title would have hampered this. We do have plans to release the DVD on its own in 2008 and the contents of the book may be published in extended form at a later date .

The boxed set can be purchased via the usual on-line stores but also via the more sympathetic record shops that we urge you to support, particularly Rough Trade in the UK: Please stay tuned to for further news