"3 Days", An Exhibition of Nick Drake photographs by Keith Morris

"Although I knew Nick on and off for about four years, I photographed him only three times, on three separate days, each time linked to one of his albums". Keith Morris

Opening on Thursday 17th June, Redferns Music Picture Gallery is pleased to announce a one off exhibition of Nick Drake photographs by Keith Morris. "3 Days" is a classic collection taken from three photo sessions for his three timeless albums. Five Leaves Left, Bryter Later & Pink Moon. The exhibition will run from 17th June &endash; 28th August.

Keith Morris, was born in 1939, Wandsworth, London. He studied photography at Guildford Arts School. A high-profile apprenticeship ensued in which he worked for several photographers, before graduating through the London underground press to photographing rock and folk stars. Morris has photographed countless music legends, including Led Zeppelin, Marc Bolan, Janis Joplin, Elvis Costello, Jimi Hendrix and even Fred Astaire. But more importantly, Keith Morris is known in the industry as the only professional lensman to have photographed singer/songwriter Nick Drake before his premature death in 1974.

Keith Morris was first introduced to Nick in 1969 when Joe Boyd needed a photographer to shoot Nick's first Album, 5 Leaves Left. The session was a success, they worked well together and Morris's photographs would appear on all three of Nick's Albums.

"3 Days", An Exhibition of Nick Drake photographs by Keith Morris takes place at Redferns Music Picture Gallery, 3 Bramley Road, W10 6SZ. Open Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 12-5:00pm.