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Day Is Done

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2004 5:09 am    Post subject: Day Is Done Reply with quote

Ive just finished learning "Day Is Done" on my Taylor 655ce 12 string. I used the tabs off the "Nick Drake Files" site as a starting point and reworked it to take into account/use the octave strings. I found the finger patterns pretty simple (Im used to playing Leo Kottke songs obsessively!) Im playing it at the local arts centre in a few weeks and its the first time Ive ever sung in public so Im crapping myself.

It sounds very nice on the 12 string and really makes up for the lack of a string accompaniment. The octave strings really ring out with the maple body especially with a set of 13/56's on it. I normally tune all the strings down by a tone or two, both for neck preservation (with the heavy strings) and because it gives you a really deep rich bass whilst the octave strings are still higher than concert pitch (I've tuned it down to A before) I play "Day is Done" with the capo on the 4th fret and most of the really high notes are played on the octave 3rd and 4th rather than (and sometimes as well as) the 6th string. If anyone wants a copy, I'll be writing down the tab of it soon. There are some RH finger patterns that 6 string players will find very unconventional in so far as whether you're wanting the tonic or the octave ringing out dominantly when you hit a string (anyone who's played fingerstyle 12 string will know exactly what I mean) - It's VERY important to follow the RH fingering guide on 12 string music or it'll sound totally wrong.

If you've never heard any Leo Kottke, it's a must for any fingerstyle players. 6 & 12 String Guitar and My Feet Are Smiling (studio and live, respectively) are fantastic. Just as a point of note, he's suffered a lot over the years from depression - must be a virtuoso thing.
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