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Postby Lucas » Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:57 am

about this father-son topic, in Argentina the most important rock-musician of our history ( got this son:

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Postby plectrum34 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:48 am

bmore wrote:just to add a few thoughts.... and I listened and watched a couple times to the vid that Plectrum cited...

I didn't see or hear anything there that I couldnt see or hear around my local bar night here is a small Canadian city.

Nothing particularly deep or sophisticated.

So this whole jazz about being `Jullien' or Sean Lennon,
is a bunch of bullshit, in my opinion.

"Deep" is not a word that I would attach to it,nor would I call it "groovy" or "far-out",but one thing I feel certain it isn't is "bullshit".The sophistication I was refering to was in the chord structure as a whole,with it's use of diminished and half diminshed and occasional insertion of parallel major and minor chords.And while that sort of thing is not necessary or even preferable for a good song(a three-chorder is often best),it's certainly a bit more complex than the average.And your neighborhood bar aside,it goes against the grain in relation to most of the stuff that sells these days which would lead one to believe that he's writing for himself rather than the whims of the marketplace,and that's always commendable.
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